C. Elegans Male Wiring Project (Deprecated)




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 The Connectome of the C. elegans male - The Male Wiring Project (Deprecated)

 Please visit http://www.wormwiring.org for continuted support of male connectivity data

 About this project:

We developed an open-source software platform, Elegance, to annotate Electron Micrographs of the C. elegans male posterior nervous system. Please visit our github page for everything software related.
Our image data are publicly visible via Worm Image or The Open Connectome Project
To understand the anatomical localization of these EM series visit our map guide or download our anatomical guide.

 Relevant Data:

Connectivity data for male muscles, gonad, hypodermis
Download the list of male neurons or muscles
Download the list of male neurons not involved in mating circuitry
Download our chemical synapse or gap junction adjacency matrices
Download our raw data as a .sql dump
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Hermaphrodite Wiring Project
Cumulative List of Synapses by Cell Name:                  

Cummulative List of Synapses by Cell Name (Multiple Synaptic Partners Separated):                  

Male-specific neurons are underlined. Neurons in bold are partially or fully reconstructed. Click for Map, Partner, and Synapse lists.

 Male Neuronal Connectivity Data

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* AN neurons are AVF, AVH, or AVJ
** PVPL and PVPR of the hermaphrodite are called PVU and PVS, respectively, in the male.

    EMMONS LAB Nervous System Reconstruction
Reproductive Behavior
Sex-Specific Development

We thank John White and Jonathan Hodgkin for their help in transferring archival TEM data from The MRC/LMB to the Hall lab at Einstein for long term curation and study.


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David H. Hall, hall@aecom.yu.edu, 718-430-2195

Travis Jarrell, tjarrell at aecom dot yu dot edu, 718-430-2249

Christopher Brittin, cbrittin at aecom dot yu dot edu, 718-430-2249

Steven Cook, steven dot cook at einstein dot yu dot edu, 718-430-2249