Research Overview

A connectome is a comprehensive diagram of all neurons and synaptic connections contained within a nervous system.  To date, the only complete connectome is of the hemaphrodite tiny soil nematode C. elegans.  We are currently mapping the more complex male C. elegans connectome, as well as repeated reconstructions of specific regions of the hermaphrodite nervous system.

In addition to physical mapping, we are performing mathematical analysis of network properties of our connectomics data, investigating the functional properties of individual neurons in the neural network, as well as investigating genetic specification of synaptic connectivity.

Male Wiring Project:

We have reconstructed the posterior C. elegans adult male nervous system (pre-anal ganglion, dorsorectal ganglion and right and left lumbar ganglia) from serial section electron micrographs (White et al. 1986)(Sulston et al. 1980).

You can currently view the serial EM sections used to reconstruct the C. elegans male posterior connectome at: Worm Image and The Open Connectome Project

We have developed a JAVA program to annotate and analyze our EM image data. Click here to learn more about our

Reconstruction Software Elegance

This project is supported by the Mathers Foundation of Mt. Kisco, New York

Hermaphrodite Wiring: 

We have reconstructed the posterior nervous system of the hermaphrodite posterior JSE series and the nerve ring of the N2U series. Wiring data from JSE is available by clicking the above link. Data from the N2U nerve ring reconstruction will be made public soon.  

The Images used to reconstruct the hermaphrodite nervous system can be found at Worm Image

The following individuals have contributed to the Male Wiring Project:
Haftan Eckholdt
Michael Zhang
Zara Martirosyan
Aparna Singh
Meng Xu
Adam Blonairz
Travis Jarrell
Chris Brittin
Steven Cook

Ken Nguyen

Video of Male Mating Behaviour:

Worm Neurons in 3D: